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These noise-cancelling headphones for kids are a must buy for every parent

While there are a million things for parents to worry about these days, noise-induced hearing loss is real—and pretty scary. In our testing, we’ve shown that even the cheap earbuds that came with your phone are dangerous at full volume, especially for long periods of time.

With more kids using headphones with their phones, tablets, and game consoles, having headphones that protect their hearing is more important than ever. That’s where the Puro PuroQuiet Noise Cancelling Headphones come in, the latest in Puro’s excellent line of volume-limiting headphones designed for kids and young adults.

In our lab testing, we’ve proven that these headphones adhere to the recommended volume limits established by experts. We’ve also used them enough to know they sound great, they do an excellent job of cancelling ambient noise, and they’re comfortable for children or adults with smaller heads.

Add it up and you have the best kids headphones we’ve tested to date. Though you can save some money by opting for the non-noise cancelling version, if you want volume-limiting headphones, we think Puro’s lineup is your best bet.

What we like

There’s a lot about the PuroQuiet headphones to like. Right out of the box, it’s clear you’re getting a product that is built to a much higher standard than most of the competition. Most kids’ headphones are made of cheap-feeling plastic that is easy to break.

The PuroQuiets are made of mostly metal, with a sturdy adjustable headband and soft, plush earcups. The adjustable headband means they can easily fit a child as young as 3 and an adult, though if you have a large head circumference you may find them uncomfortable.

The sound quality on the headphones is actually quite good, which is not the case with most kids’ headphones I’ve used. Music and podcasts both sounded great, and the lower volume limits were still plenty loud for my needs.

In our lab tests, we found the headphones stuck closely to the recommended level of 85dB(a) at most, straying at times up to the 88dB(a) territory but not any further. Our tests also showed the noise cancelling was very effective, cutting down ambient noise by __. For some context, high-end noise-cancelling headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 35 cut ambient noise by __.

Comfort-wise, it’s hard to gauge just how good the Puro headphones are (since they’re really best-suited to, well, kids) but they’re well-built, adjustable, and the earcups are very comfortable. We haven’t read any user complaints, so we think most kids will like these just fine.

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