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Wirecutter Review of BT2200
The Best Kids Headphones If you have a kid in your life who needs a pair of headphones, the Puro BT2200 is the best option to protect growing ears. After putting in around 80 hours of research—including speaking to experts at the WHO, CDC,...
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SoundGuys Review on PuroGamer
Puro Sound Labs PuroGamer review Puro Sound Labs is back with a new volume-limited device aimed at the young gamers in your household Puro Sound Labs has been focusing on protecting childrens’ hearing for a while now, with a range...
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These noise-cancelling headphones for kids are a must buy for every parent While there are a million things for parents to worry about these days, noise-induced hearing loss is real—and pretty scary. In our testing, we’ve shown that even the...
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