Extended Warranty


Have that peace of mind with a little extra protection. With the Puro Sound Labs extended warranty, all repairs, shipping and replacements are covered by us! Accidents happen and we want to make sure you are covered.



  • Broken headbands, lose pieces or lost ear cups
Power Supply
  • Charging cable no longer works. Charging port stops working or headphones won’t power on. You’re covered.


  • Speaker issues and other audio malfunctions


  • Buttons get stuck or no longer function. Send it in!

 Accidental Damages

  • Damages to headphones from being dropped, ran over or spilled on –  you’re covered.


All manufactures defects found in the headphones are covered within the 1-year warranty you get with your new headphones. The extended warranty is there to fall back on once that year has expired and provides an additional year of coverage. 

*Extended warranty has to be purchased within 30 days before the 1 year manufactures warranty ends to be valid. All products will be fixed or replaced with like condition products.

*Products may be replaced with refurbished units or of another color if not available.

*Extended Warranty is good for an additional year of coverage giving you 2 total years from original date of headphones purchase.